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Torres Novas Torres Novas é um dos locais populares listados em City in Torres Novas ,

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Torres Novas is a Portuguese municipality in the district of Santarém, in the Médio Tejo of the Centro region. The population of the municipality was approximately 36,717 (from the 2011 census), with the city of Torres Novas (seat of the municipality) has a Sobre o 15,000 inhabitants in an area that econompasses 270km2.HistoryThe territory of Torres Novas was settled as early as the Paelothic in areas situated along the margins of the carstic network of the River Almonda, such as the grottos in Buraca da Moura, Buraca da Oliveira and Lapa da Bugalheira.During the primordial period before Roman occupation, there were various villae that were populated in the region. Vila Cardílio, a Luso-Roman settlement was occupied in the first or second century A.D. Along with Avita, archaeologists discovered coloured mosaics, coins, sculptures and Latin inscriptions, where one was inscribed with felicitous remarks to the villa da torre (town of the tower), an expression associated with the plausible origin for the toponymy Torres Novas.Following the 12th century, the territory was known as Turris began to develop into its actual limits, with the expulsion of the Moors by forces loyal to 1148. The foundation of the municipality was attributed to the foral issued on 1 October 1190, by King Sancho.The castle which had, by that time, been in ruins was reconstructed by King Fernando, to halt Castilian forces during the Iberian wars.

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