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Faro, 8000 - 076 Faro
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Endereço: Av. 5 de Outubro, 18
Faro, 8000 - 076 Faro
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Welcome to The Algarve.

With it's warm Mediterranean climate, scented of both ocean and flowers, the main backdrop is composed of some of Europe's most beautiful beaches.

Discover the aromas and flavors of Algarve's traditional cuisine, ranging from fish and shellfish dishes, to world renowned delicacies such as figs, almonds, carobs and brandy made from the locally grown arbatus-berry.

As you travel across the region you will have the opportunity to experience and explore places of great ecological interest and biodiversity, tradition and singularity.

The handicraft is skilfully manufactured by local craftsmen, producing an excellent array of pottery, woven baskets, copper and brass articles, as well as pieces made from linen and jute.

Only a step away from the tranquility of the inland you can experience first hand the excitement of Algarve's nightlife. Bars, discos, marinas and casinos guarantee visitors the very best money can buy.

The region's built heritage is something you cannot afford to miss. The architecture of the whitewashed houses, with their brightly-colored moldings and remarkably beautiful chimneys, the church belfries and the museums, all reveal particular memories of Algarve ancestors and help making it such a unique destination.

Also recommended is a vast array of outdoor sports and activities, whether you're playing golf on lush green courses or just enjoying physical exercise at some of the region's top facilities.

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